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Can’t we just eat good food, practice natural body and intuitive health care – in the right amount and at just the right moment – so that we stay balanced and healthy without having to think too much about it?

The answer is: Yes, we can!

It’s only a question of organisation

Living in the countryside, I now organise my household in such a way that I have all the important raw materials in my pantry and only have to buy fruit and vegetables once or twice a month. Depending on the season, I get them directly from neighbours or from one of the local organic farms, although in the long run my own vegetable garden will take care of it. I no longer need convenience products and can manage our food for at least half a year with the dry ingredients. My in-house “laboratory” provides natural care for my body. Over time, various health problems have disappeared and today I can trust nature in a healthy and cheerful way.

This kind of diet is based on fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, nuts and seeds, and is suitable for anyone who can identify with it. In the city, it can be practised by reorienting healthy shopping options and organising a pantry at home. Homesteader in the countryside can gain more independence without animal husbandry, planting nut or almond trees instead, and be well-supplied for long periods of time, even in remote locations. Natural cosmetics and herbal home remedies can easily be made, especially since many of the plants grow for free in the surroundings.

This is not about relinquishment or living in spartan conditions! There are many good products that have their value. Also, you can’t always do everything yourself and in a community it makes perfect sense to specialise in a certain handcraft and offer it in the neighbourhood. Someone else knows more about other things and you can then exchange the products. Of course regional and seasonal foods have the priority here.

It is rather about developing an awareness of which products you really need and which you consume for various other reasons, which products you can make yourself and which you want to buy. The emphasis lies on “to want”, because that´s what creates independence. How good does it feels to know “I can do it myself” or “I can live without this product”. With this awareness, freedom arises, since then you will go shopping and buy something because you want it and not because you have no other choice.

If you are inspired by my experiences in the remote mountains of Patagonia, I would be happy to share my knowledge around the Natural Life.

Courses & Consultation

You can book seminars, lectures or personal consultations on the following topics:

  • Artisan Homesteading
  • High vibration nutrition with the Natural Pantry
  • In-house laboratory for natural cosmetics and home remedies
  • Living food through the art of fermentation
  • Holistic Health
  • Self-reliant health preservation
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual detoxification
  • Vitality through frequency increase
  • Seed Loaves
  • Home-made lactose-free dairy products
  • Naturally fermented “cheese” from nuts and seeds
  • Professional production of aged Seed Loaves
  • Natural Life
  • Pioneer experience in the Patagonian wilderness
  • Natural energies and power places
  • Freedom and love through a pure spirit

If you are interested, send me an email to arrange a personal conversation:

I truly wish that the art of Nature Life contributes to a balanced and healthy companionship of all people on this wonderful "Pacha Mama" (Mother Earth). Many thanks to all who support me in this!