Natural Pantry

How my life changed in the Patagonian Mountains

When I moved to Patagonia, I mainly wanted to live near the mountains and spend more time in nature. At this time I haven´t had in mind that it also implied a sustainable living. But after we moved to a farm with organic vegetable growing, I suddenly found myself in the kitchen elaborating my own food and cosmetic products. This was the beginning of my personal project “Living without convenience products”.

Over the years, the project developed into a simpler way of life, since there were more and more items I didn’t need and didn’t want anymore! For this purpose, I set up a pantry with an in-house laboratory for natural cosmetics and home remedies, in which I stored long-lasting raw materials as well as home-made fruits and vegetables from local organic farms. My path led me to a natural and healthy plant-based diet by processing the raw materials correctly. With creative ingredients, I created balanced whole foods as well as body care products with little time and effort. Health problems disappeared as my body cleansed itself naturally and regained its balance.

New habits replace the daily routines that dominate our life. The mind opens to gentler ways and sensitivity intensifies. This opens the door to a completely new kind of freedom that was not conscious before. Be inspired and take the leap into the next dimension. Enjoy soothing, freshly prepared food and immerse yourself in the liberating magic of nature!

You can find everything about our holistic homesteading in the book „Magischer Naturvorrat“ (The Magic Natural Pantry):

Two lively processing methods for a natural pantry are the preservation with lactic acid culture and the production of nut milk products and naturally aged “cheese” from nuts and seeds:

I am happy to share my experiences around the Natural Life: