Natural Power Session

Natural Frequencies

Everything we need for life is made of energy. Our emotions through which we exchange with others are based on frequencies. And above all, our spiritual connection determines our vitality and life force – also called Chi, Prana, Od or Orgon.

Each of our body cells generates its own vibration. But this is influenced by our environment, e.g. by our foods, chemical substances, microorganisms, soil minerals, electromagnetic or cosmic radiation as well as emotional and mental energies. Depending on the frequencies we are exposed to, we fall out of balance or we heal. This was already proven in the 18th century through experiments on plants, animals and humans and is the basis of Electroculture – the harnessing of etheric energy.

In the modern world, we are often subjected to artificial living conditions and do not always have the opportunity to regularly expose ourselves to the vibration of nature. However, in order to stay strong and healthy, it is important to balance our energy again and again and to connect with the power of nature.

The Andean Condor

For the Incas, the condor was a symbol of power and spirituality, as well as the communication between the physical and spiritual worlds.

To start this communication ourselves, it is important to learn how to think healthy. It helps to ask yourself where the voices in your head come from and what emotions are associated with them. These thinking patterns need to be observed and gradually dissolved.

For this process, a physical as well as a mental power place is necessary in order to have a safe haven on one hand and to practice the ability of frequency shifting in everyday situations on the other hand. The connection with nature lets us feel the right frequency we should tune in. We can later recall this sensation mentally and direct it into the physical body. In this way we create our own Condor as a mental power place and thus find freedom and love through healthy thinking.

Natural Power Exercise

The following activities will help you to activate your natural life force and strengthen your vitality to walk through life in a more balanced and high vibrational way. (Click on the arrow to read the full description of the exercise.)

Connection with the 4 elements
This exercise lasts five weeks. Concentrate on one element for a whole week to find out how you relate to it.

Example: Start with the element Earth and observe exactly what you feel when you come into contact with earth. How does the earth feel in your hands? Hug a tree or pick flowers. Also consider how you feel about material things, food and security and whether you are emotionally and mentally grounded in life.

Do this exercise for all five elements:

  1. 1. Earth – I do:
  2. Rootedness, nutrition, fertility, growth, stability
  3. 2. Water – I feel:
  4. Movement, clarity, calmness, purity, emotions
  5. 3. Air – I think:
  6. Thoughts, imagination, knowledge, ideas, breathing
  7. 4. Fire – I want:
  8. Heart, light, expression, activity, warmth
  9. 5. Ether – I trust:
  10. Spirituality, subtle energy, electromagnetism, connection
Thought patterns and timelines
• Observe your thoughts and the emotions associated with them as often as possible during the day. Try to find out where the feelings come from, what they remind you of and which situation in your life they reflect.
  • • If you discover thought patterns that remind you of your childhood or other critical moments in your life, send positive energy in form of joy, gratitude and love to these past moments in order to dissolve them. This energetic cleansing can be applied to any place and time.
  • • Learn to distinguish between rational thoughts and your subtle intuition so that you can achieve greater clarity in your decisions and daily life situations through this mental detox.
  • • You can also use this exercise to protect yourself from negative external influences by imagining a golden protective cover around your aura if you feel that you are absorbing foreign energies.
Your place of power
• Find a place in your surroundings where you can retreat and where you feel comfortable. This can be outside in nature, e.g. under a tree in the forest, at a rock on the hill as well as a place by the lake or in a nearby park. But it can also be a cozy corner in your home, where your favorite armchair is, where you can light a candle and feel safe. Try out several places and feel the difference in the subtle energies that these places radiate.
  • • Once you have found a place, visit it daily and cleanse it regularly (e.g. with sage, Palo Santo or other energetic techniques such as Reiki). Sit down comfortably and immerse yourself mentally in its positive and high vibrational energy. Keep your thoughts pure and conscious with a clear connection to the spirit. This is your mental power place!
  • • Repeat this exercise until you have internalized the vibration to such an extent that you can reach it also in other places. Connect to the mental power place at any time – no matter where you are – to quickly change and raise your frequency. You are no longer dependent on your physical power place, although you can always visit it to recharge.
  • • This transformation of lower energies into higher vibrating frequencies gives you self-confidence and trust your spiritual power.

The aim of these exercises is to learn to distinguish will (physical energy), intuition (soul frequency) and spiritual power and apply these forces correctly in life to enjoy natural vitality.

If you would like to be guided through this exercise, feel free to contact me:

Mystical Longing
There he sits in the candlelight, motionless, always in the same posture with his legs crossed in the lotus position and with this peaceful smile on his face. The Buddha statue is often seen as a decoration nowadays, probably because it radiates this peace that the world is longing for right now. It reminds us of salvation and enlightenment and evokes a longing for the occult and mystical side of life. Something you don't really know, but you feel it. Something one cannot comprehend but wants to experience it. It may also cause fear of the soul’s karma, reincarnation or death. For others, it triggers a guilty conscience because they lack time and peace for meditation or prayer. There is wanderlust for foreign countries and cultures, and it awakens the desire to travel. Balance fills the room when the Buddha statue radiates its spiritual energy while it stands there unnoticed in the corner. –sh 07.08.2013