Power Places

Mountain Summits of the Andes

Our “chacra” (small farm) is located in the Cordillera of the North Patagonian Andes at 850 meters above sea level. The valley is surrounded by six 2000m peaks and impresses with the view of the Cerro Plataforma – an imposing table mountain. The plateau with its fossilised sea ground can be walked across to reach the large lagoon as well as unforgettable waterfalls and huge rock formations. A true place of power!

Cerro Plataforma
Cerro Bellaco

Subtle Height

During my hikes, I don’t just climb up the mountain, I am carried away by nature into another dimension. The power and energy of these wild mountain peaks and stone deserts with their lagoons and waterfalls is highly vibrant, exhilarating and healing.

Mental Power Places

But not only mountain peaks are high vibration places. There are also corners in the park of a big city or at home that you can discover for yourself and transform energetically. It all depends on our perspective and the intention we use to move through life. Thoughts are our mental food and they want to be chosen carefully. Therefore, it is possible to create a power place in your mind to clear and purify your thoughts. We can go there any time, no matter where we are, to regain our strength. It’s the big challenge nowadays to lead our lives self-determined and to decide independently – without being influenced from the outside. These mental power places serve this purpose, because they promote intuition and thus holistic health and a free life.

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I am wise without knowledge, speak without words, see without sight and feel without body.
–sh 30.05.2012