Pure nature

Our two houses including vegetable garden are 40 km away from the next village. The road is partly with gravel and can only be used with an off-road vehicle. Five rivers and a lakeshore have to be crossed. In winter, the road is usually impassable due to mud or snow, and during the snowmelt in spring, the lake fills up for a few weeks and the rivers become raging. But there is always the possibility to cross the lake by boat and walk the remaining 10 km – or you will be picked up.

A Brief History of Manifestation

In 2017, after four years of hiking and discovering the valley, we started building. In the beginning, we only stayed a few days – later one or two weeks. We lived in a tent, fetched our water with buckets from the mountain creek and cooked our dinner directly on the campfire. Like this we’ve built our first wooden house with our own hands, little by little and with a lot of patience. Three years later and with a bit more practice, our workshop with an atelier and the solar system was created, which enabled us to move completely in 2021. Since then, we have lived in the mountains all year round and during winter we spend five to six months without driving down to the village.

But that’s still not the end of the story. The vegetable garden with hand-built terraces has just been established. It still needs a greenhouse to supply us in future with fresh vegetables. More than 30 fruit trees are still in their infancy. The car and firewood need a roof and another house should enable us to receive visitors regularly and comfortably in the future.

Natural Life Experience

So we keep manifesting! Nevertheless, we are happy to welcome adventurous and nature-loving guests who can imagine a very pure experience in this fantastic environment. As accommodation we provide one of the two houses. The food is homemade and prepared all-naturally, so that you can meet with nature in a high frequency.

To immerse yourself in the energy of a place of power at one of the most beautiful places in the world, send us an email so that we can get to know you:

A visit is recommended in the Patagonian spring or summer months of November to April. The best time for trekking and mountain tours is from mid-January to the end of March.

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