Ascent to the next dimension

Patagonian forests, refreshing mountain streams, the radiant sun and a gentle wind connect us with the four elements. The cosmic energy of the ether floods our cells with light and helps us climb small and large mountains with light-footedness and sensitivity.

In the Middle of the Wilderness

The entire area, the valley and the surrounding mountains are off the beaten track and therefore barely explored. There is only one road, not a single sign and no hiking trails. A few gauchos on horseback and their cows, as well as wild boars, foxes, maybe even a puma, have made an effort to form a few trails. They are changing every year, but those who know the mountains make their way through the Patagonian Ñire and Lenga forests to reach the isolated power places. It is a real adventure, requires some courage and above all a portion of trust in nature!

Physical Exercise – Clear Mind

Hiking and mountaineering has always been primarily a mental discipline. During my sports career, as well as mountain biking, mountaineering and diving, I often reached my physical limits – and I exceeded them countless times! Although my body showed me that it was tired, I always could continue a bit more. In the end, it was a strong will and mental power that kept me going. There is no need to constantly push your limits. But the experience of it gives you enormous confidence and the knowledge of how much you can achieve with a clear mind – and not only in sports, but also in many other aspects of life.

Every person who can walk can also run, hike and climb a mountain. Every person who can think can also feel, guide and direct his thoughts in the right direction!

To connect with the natural life force and develop a free spirit, see:

In dark times we are trapped. The brain prevails in the oversized head of man. Only masks help to hide the inner self. Like a carnival parade in Venice, humanity is playing the game of hiding its true self. Dark and ugly, sinister and repulsive are the negative actions and thoughts that are shown to the outside. Where is the love and the wisdom that lies in everyone? When does the fog lift and man realises his true nature? It is the fear of change that holds him back. But the time has come to tip out of the imbalance, to fall over without breaking. A storm will wake people up and they will experience their inner being naked to the skeleton. The darkness turns into light! –sh 16.06.2017