Why is fermentation so exciting?

It combines health, preservation and handcraft – and it tastes natural! Growing bacteria at home has a huge advantage because it supports the cycle of nature, especially if the fruits and vegetables come from your own garden or from local farmers. The microorganisms that surround us provide a healthy foundation for the life in our living area. They contribute to a harmonious and energetic balance in the body and in our environment. In this way, they connect us with nature and, produced at home, they are refined with a lot of love too.

Sustainable fermentation is evident in the further use of ferment liquid as a starter culture for vegetable yoghurt, colourful spreads and cheesy seed loaves, as well as the processing of fermented fruits and vegetables into juices, cereal bars or sourdough bread. Although ferments are often eaten pure as a garnish, they have endless potential to transform themselves again and again. Properly treated, they never spoil and in the final stage they can be dried and preserved indefinitely. This is very exciting and if you get carried away by the fascinating transformation, even the natural processes in your own body become clearer. In this respect, sustainability begins with oneself, because just as nature does, we too can take care of ourselves.

Your creative basic course on fermentation can be found in the book “Fermentier doch mal!” (Go for Fermenting!):

Here you will find further information about holistic homesteading as well as the production of Seed Loaves:

The art of fermenting  is always flavored with transformation and we experience this through conscious action. A few simple steps in the kitchen can lead to an explosion of new living beings and to your own growth. I sincerely wish you lots of pleasure and joyful ferments on this adventure!